Social Vlogs

Hello all,

VLOG is just a "Video LOG”. There are many types of VLOGS relating to FOOD, TRAVEL, LIFESTYLE, HISTORY, CASUAL, etc,

From my childhood, I have always been interested in Society, News, Politics, Government. As I worked as a News Reporter in Television Media for 8 Years I have a lot of interest and passionate about delivering information to the public. I film vlogs relating to this often and I would love to do this for as long as I can imagine. That's why I prioritise "SOCIAL VLOGS" above the other types.

I film social vlogs on various categories from Government Schemes, Innovative Inventions & Talents, Awareness to Public, Socio-Economic Activities, NGO Activities, Recording the life of poor,Unorganised labours, Vlogs including Agricultural, Environmental issues and much more.

I have to also include some commercial content to also survive financially, that's the fact :) which includes paid promotions, Branded partnerships, Integrated Advertisements, etc...