Hello all,

FOOD - Is a basic need for every living thing in the world from Human Beings to Micro-Organisms in order to stay alive.

For me, food should not just be consumed for its taste, it should also have nutritional or medicinal value. Tamilnadu FOOD Culture is simple and to summarise it in a line - "Food as Medicine, Medicine as Food”. So I always prefer promoting food of this nature.

I also want to highlight the continuous issue of hunger in INDIA.

"Global Hunger Index" (GHI) - is a survey released every year regarding hunger, malnutrition ratio for several countries shows INDIA ranks a shocking 102 out of 117 Countries with a SERIOUS malnutrition issue, especially in Children.

There are many people in India who are just about earning enough money to eat only one or maybe two times a day and that without any Nutritional Value.

I always have a deep concern about these issues and I support any kind of social activities that include food supply to those in need.

Apart from that, I love to eat & cook food. I also appreciate food for its aesthetics. Another one of my childhood dreams was to be a chef! As a Journalist, I had many chances to roam all over TamilNadu to cover News Stories which gave me the chance to try almost all the regional foods of TamilNadu. I have also filmed a few vlogs relating to that. I have made it a life goal to explore good food, to explore regional foods of many parts of India,...